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As founder and lead designer of Sonrisa Studio, I believe in the power of imagination, the creative spark that drives us to pursue our passions and chase our dreams. That’s why I help businesses connect with their ideal audience through thoughtful design and creative direction that gives you the confidence you need to grow and expand your business. 

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I'm Alex, your lead designer and creative director. I have been working in the creative business for the past 10 years, loving every minute of it. I fill my work with modern typography, lots of white space, and trendy color schemes. When I'm not hunched over my Mac you can find me at the dog park with my dog Oakley, or trying a new restaurant with friends.  


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Stop feeling overwhelmed with your business. With our Exclusive Brand Package you get the visual tools you need to show up consistently and confidently knowing your business looks legit and worth investing in.

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carley schweet

"Working with Sonrisa Studio was an absolute dream. If I said that they completely understood my vision, that would be an understatement. My vision was not only understood, but it was taken to a level I didn't even dream of. Professional, modern, yet somehow timeless and whimsical." 

Wellness Coach

luke carmichael

"Working with Sonrisa Studio was amazing. Alex truly cares about you and your business. She gave me a brand i would have never thought up myself. I would and will recommend her to anyone who needs an awesome design for anything." 

ALC Productions

Hilary Williams

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Alex at Sonrisa Studio. I am so in love with my logo and branding and it's all because of Alex's attention to detail and ability to nail what the client is looking for."

Hillary Justine Events

Kind Words

Sonrisa is more than a design studio, every week I share marketing, mindset, and career advice that will boost your creativity and help your business thrive. So grab your favorite hot beverage (mine is a latte) and start exploring your creative potential. 

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Stop feeling overwhelmed by your brand.

The Plan Behind Your Brand gives you the tools to craft an intentional strategy for your brand. 

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