10 Ways to boost your daily productivity

Being productive, especially during the holidays, can be a hard task. There are so many things that need to get done; projects that need finishing, gifts that need wrapping, emails that need answering, cookies that need baking, the lists go on and on. Here are some helpful tips to boost your productivity during this busy time of year. 

1. Silence your phone

We all are guilty of leaving our phone on the desk and checking it any time it makes a sound. We even check it when there is nothing there (damn phantom texts). So do yourself a favor, silence it and put it away. Out of sight, out of mind right?

2. Write distractions down for later

Have a notebook or piece of paper next to you and the next time you think of something that needs to be done but does not involve your current task, write it down and save it for when the task is complete. 

3. Close your email tab

This always gets me! When I see a new number pop up on my gmail tab, I just HAVE to see what it’s about. This often brings me down a rabbit hole of unscheduled tasks that could have waited. Just close the tab and find another time to check the email, it can wait! You can also use a handy tool Inbox Pause that pauses your emails to eliminate the interruptions. 

4. Listen to inspiring music

Make a playlist of inspiring music that won’t distract you from your work. Spotify has some great playlists under the Focus genre that are perfect to listen to while trying to stay productive and on task. 

5. Go for a walk during lunch

After sitting at my desk all morning I crave a lunch break. Weather permitting, I take my dog for a short 20-minute walk around the park behind my house. It gets me moving, outside and away from technology. I come back after lunch ready to tackle the next project with a new sense of dedication. 

6. Prioritize your tasks

Sort your tasks by “must, should, want”. Get the most important tasks done first before moving on to the others you “should” and “want” to get done.

7. Stop multitasking

I am most definitely guilty of multitasking. But once I figured out I save a lot of time and energy finishing one task at a time. I have a to-do list sitting next to me as I work, and after I complete one task I love being able to physically cross it off before moving to the next.

8. Plan your day the night before

This will help save time in the morning so you can focus on actually getting the tasks done. Anything you didn’t finish that day can be added to the list to finish first thing the next morning.

9. Practice self-care

Take time for yourself in the morning so you can be fully ready to tackle anything that comes your way. I personally love journaling about what I am grateful for and my goals for the day.  If I have time, I like to spend 10 minutes meditation with Headspace. 

10. Get into a routine

Take some of the other tips and establish a daily routine that helps your productivity.  When you’re used to doing the same thing on a regular basis you get quicker and more efficient. I love using the Productive app on my phone. 


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