Why I Switched from Squarespace to Showit

When I started my little online business back in 2015 I used Squarespace for my website. It was one of the easiest platforms for a noncoder like me to work on and, at the time, was perfect for my business needs. But as I began to grow as a web designer I quickly felt like it was limiting my creative freedom. Don’t get me wrong, Squarespace is still an amazing platform and great for some businesses that are looking for a simple, easy-to-use web platform. But for those looking for something that allows for a more unique web page, I recommend Showit. Here are my reasons why.


Design Freedom

When I first played around in the Showit platform I was instantly sold by the freedom it gave me to edit content. This drag-and-drop builder allows you to change image sizes, text block orientation, and layout without having to use one line of code!  Editing content blocks is as easy as designing in Photoshop, if not easier! This platform gives you the freedom to create completely unique web pages that push the boundaries of web design and break through the ambiguous cookie-cutter sites.


Creating a website is getting easier and easier these days with platforms like Squarespace and Wix, but Showit brings it to the next level. Styles and images aren’t hidden away in some toolbar, you can directly edit anything right on the page or change a text style as easy as it would be to change something in a Word doc. The Showit platform makes maintaining a website a breeze. I feel confident that all of my clients, young and old, can handle this platform.

Responsive Design

Showit makes it extremely easy to design in mobile. There is literally a phone view next to the desktop view while you’re designing and you can toggle content to only appear on mobile or desktop, this is huge guys! You can design each individual experience exactly how you want it to look without messing up the other. It’s a web design miracle.

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A WordPress Blog

The blogs on Showit are integrated through WordPress making it easy to use and giving you tons of blogging freedom. Something that is nice is that you can add in plugins and get even more advanced, such as with SEO optimization. When designing the blog, you have endless freedom to create the exact experience you want for your readers.This part did take a bit longer to figure out but you will see in my next point why it wasn’t a problem.


Amazing Customer Service

When I can’t figure out how to work something in Showit I can easily reach out to one of their customer service representatives for help. They have a super helpful chat feature. What’s great is they can actually go into the backend of your site to see what the issue is. One time the guy completely fixed the problem for me. I didn’t have to lift a finger! The great customer service gives me peace of mind when I work on client projects, knowing that I can always hit them up if I need help with anything, and same goes for my clients when I hand them the reigns.

All in all, Showit is an amazing platform. I am very happy with my choice to move over there from Squarespace and will continue to recommend them to my clients. Please reach out if you are interested in creating a custom Showit website. 


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