Why your brand needs more than one logo design

Branding is more than just a single logo design, branding is the full experience someone has with your business. Your brand identity is what represent you, your mission and your values. Having strong branding creates a cohesive experience for your audience which creates reliability that can lead to profitability.

There are many ways someone is introduced to your brand such as through a social media channel or from a web banner ad. That is why having just one primary logo isn’t enough. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of having multiple logo variations and why you need them to create a full brand story for your audience.

So what types of logo variations do you need? Let me explain a few different kinds and share with you their usage and importance.

The Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a shorter version of your main logo. Secondary or alternative logos are variations of the primary logo but are usually more condensed and without a tagline. It is important to have a secondary logo so you can use it in different areas throughout your marketing such as in a website footer or on a business envelope. It is a preview of your brand.  Here is an example:


Every brand, big or small, needs a watermark. This is a white version of your logo with no background. You need this type of logo so you can put your logo on images you might share.

watermark design, leaf logo, interior design logo


A brand also needs to be versatile. There are multiple instances where your primary logo design is simply too large to fit in the space provided like in a social media profile picture. It is essential to have logo variations so you can build a strong brand across multiple mediums without it looking messy and unprofessional.  

That is where the submark (or emblem) comes in handy. The submark is a simplified version of your main logo. This type of logo is even more condensed than the logo alternative. The submark can be used as a social media profile pictures, favicon, stationary watermark, or other graphics. Submarks are usually geometric shapes like circles, squares or rectangles and are usually just symbol or graphic that represents your brand.

logo alternatives, logo emblem, leaf logo, initial logo design

To create a one-of-a-kind, cohesive, and streamlined brand you need more than one logo to represent your business. Think of your brand identity as a system, each branding element needs to work together to be successful. My goal is to provide my clients with a full branding experience from start to finish, building strong visual identities across multiple mediums. That is why I offer full branding packages with up to 4-5 logo alternatives. Learn more about my packages here.

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