Morning Habits for a Productive Day

 I am sure you have all heard the phrase, “start your day off on the right foot”. There is something to be said about how you spend the morning that sets the course for the whole day. If you wake up late, flustered and in a hurry, that can throw off your whole day. I have compiled a list of healthy morning habits to help ensure you have a productive, successful day.

Wake up early

Easier said than done, I know! But waking up an hour or two before you have to leave the house or hop on your computer gives you time to ease into your day and do a few tasks that you enjoy doing. If you can do one or two non-work related things before you get started I believe you are in a better more productive mood for the day.

Don’t check your email

This might seem counterintuitive of a productive day but trust me! Wait to open your email until you are ready to tackle your inbox. If you check it first thing in the morning you will constantly be thinking about the tasks that need to be done and the people you need to reply to verse enjoying the morning. So hold off checking your inbox until you have fully woken up and are ready to start knocking off tasks. 

Find one morning habit that makes you happy

Find one thing you can do each morning that makes you happy. For me, it’s reading. I take about 20 mins to sit down with my fresh cup of coffee and dog and read my current book of choice (usually a thriller). This allows me to relax, forget about my to-do list, and wake up slowly doing something I truly enjoy. So whether it is practicing yoga, cooking a healthy breakfast, or playing with your kids, take a few minutes every morning to do something you love to get you in the right mindset to tackle your day with a positive outlook.

Make a morning playlist

While getting ready I like to play my morning Spotify playlist. This not only wakes me up but gets me excited to tackle the day! Spotify even has premade playlists specifically made for an energizing and inspiring you.

Prepare the night before

Do as much preparation for the next day at night. Take a quick glance at your schedule, pick out your outfits, and pack your bag. The fewer things you have to worry about in the morning the better your day will be since you won’t be flustered and running around trying to find your train pass.


You know one person who is a huge advocate for meditating in the morning? Oprah. And look how successful she is! There are many benefits to meditation but I think it is especially beneficial in the morning because you can go into the day with a calm and positive attitude. My favorite app is Calm, all you need is 10 minutes of your morning. It is well worth it.  


I feel it is important to add this item to the list however I personally like working out after work. But I think for those who have time and like to get a workout in the morning, this is a great way to start your day and give your brain a jolt of energy.

Schedule out your day

Once you have finally made it to your desk it is time to schedule out your day. Take five minutes to write down three items that MUST get done. I have a planner that has my weekly to-do list on the right and then on each day of the week I write down my most important tasks. I try not to go over four items or else I begin getting stressed. So keep it short and concise so your daily to-do list can be doable.

There you have it! A short list of morning habits to help for a productive day. I would love to hear from you! What morning habits do you find helpful?


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