8 apps I use to run my business

When you are a business owner either online or offline, there are many external forces that block the way we wish to work and achieve a certain goal. But with help of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we no longer have anything blocking our way from running our business. Here are some of my favorite apps I use to run my business from anywhere.


Lightroom CC

This is my number one favorite app because as a designer being able to edit my photos anywhere is crucial. To make my life easier, I created photo presets so its super easy to edit my photos quickly by simply applying this preset. Whether its an image for my Instagram feed or editing a photo for my Pinterest page, I always edit my photos with this preset to make sure everything is cohesive and consistent. Lightroom also makes it super easy to organize all my photos so I am not getting my client photos mixed with my internal photos. 



I use this app to create layouts with text for my Instagram stories. It’s great because it gives you more font options and editing capabilities than Instagram so I can align my Instagram story images with my brand. You can also create a template that makes it super easy and quick to create new story images. 



Oh how Planoly has changed my life. I use Planoly to schedule all my Instagram posts. What I love about Pplanoly is I can add in photos and move them around till I am happy with the layout of my feed. You should have seen what I was doing before I started using this app, it was embarrassing.



I use the Honeybook app for all my invoicing and bookkeeping. Though I usually use the desktop version when I am creating invoices or proposals it is nice to have access to all my project details on my phone. It also has this feature that makes a “cha-ching” sound whenever I get paid, it’s a really nice feature to have when you’ve been having a rough day. 


Google Drive

Having access to all my files, including large PSD files, has saved my butt more than once. Google Drive makes it super simple to share your files from anywhere. When I am away from my computer and a client calls needed a file ASAP, all I have to do is go into my Google Drive app and share the link with them. 



Ok, this isn’t necessarily used for my business app but boy has this helped my stress level. I listen to a 10-minute inspirational meditation every morning which starts my day off right. My mind is better equipped to handle tough situations and able to focus more on the task at hand instead of jumping from one thing to the next. Tamara Levitt has the best, motivational messages. 



Ever heard of it? This app has been amazing when it comes to getting my brand out there. Though I am guilty of the mindless scrolling or tapping through stories, Instagram has produced some of my best clients, creating lasting client relationships. I am not going to go into all the ways you can use Instagram to benefit your business but, trust me, you gotta utilize it. 



As a creative I am constantly coming up with ideas for the blog or Instagram post and Evernote is where I store all those ideas. I love it because it syncs with my computer so I can take my notes anywhere. This is also where I store all my Instagram hashtags so I can continually edit them and keep them up-to-date. 


Well, there you have it, my short list of apps that have helped me run my business. What apps do you use that help run your business?


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