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My favorite font combinations

The fonts you choose to represent your business – whether in your branding, on social media, or on your website – dictate the overall appearance of your business. Choosing the right font combinations is an essential part of creating the look and feel of your business. There are so many wonderful options out there but having the right eye to find what works together, which captures the eye of your target market can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for something luxurious, masculine, or modern, there is a perfect font combination for your look. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite font pairings that bring your business to a professional level.


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O1: Gibson   &   Gotham

02: Playfair & Montserrat

03: Beautiful Bloom & Avenir

04: Museo Sans & Average

05: Big Caslon  &  Oswald

06: Playlist & Georgia 

07: Bodini & Barlow

08: Quicksand & Crimson

09: Nouvelle & Franklin Gothic

10: Relation & Lato 

The Font Guide from Sonrisa Studio


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