How to Brand Your Instagram

From your profile picture to the font you use in stories, every element of your Instagram profile feeds into your audience’s perception of your brand. The more you solidify your brand, the more recognizable you become. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that your Instagram is “on brand”.

Your profile

When you search for an Instagram profile, the first thing you see is the profile photo. Keep it simple- after all, it’s going to be displayed in a small space. Your bio should also be short and straightforward. Tell your audience exactly what you do, who you work for, and where they can find your work. Keep your highlight covers simple, but make sure they are styled to match your brand. At first glance, your profile picture, highlight covers, and bio should all paint a clear picture of who you are and what you do.


The subject matter of your images is likely to be consistent on its own, but the editing style should be consistent too. Take the image below, a screengrab from @olivecreativeco‘s Instagram grid. While the subject matter switches between hand lettering, interiors, and design projects, the tone of each image remains the same. Even when the colors within the images change, they’re still tied together by their muted tones and use of white space. A simple trick to ensure that your images have a consistent look is to use Lightroom presets to edit each photo.



The tone you set in your Instagram captions should be an extension of the voice you use on your website, and ultimately, the way you talk in real life. Be real with your audience- it’s the only way to build a true connection with your followers. Any time you write an Instagram caption, you should picture your ideal client. If they were standing right in front of you, what would you say to them?


Don’t underestimate the power of your Instagram Stories! Stories is a great place for your clients to get to know you and feel more of a connection to you and your brand. But remember, the tone and aesthetic should match that of your page. I personally love using the Unfold app to create my stories. It allows me to use similar templates and plugin my brand fonts (Playfair Display & Monsterrat). That way, users know exactly what to expect when they navigate from my Stories to my profile page, and then ultimately to my website and blog. A great example of this is @theeverymom, their stories are designed to match their brand so you are getting a consistent experience. 

Color Palette

Your color palette should remain consistent throughout your branding. The same colors that you use on your website or blog should appear within your Instagram grid as well. Along with utilizing your brand colors in any graphics you create, they can also be used within the tone of your imagery. Is your brand light and airy or dark and dramatic? Keep it consistent throughout when choosing the types of photos and layouts you use. When someone navigates to your page, the same colors and tones should be present in your profile image, highlight covers, and posts. Heres a perfect example from my dear friend @carley_schweet.

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A common thread throughout it all is consistent. Seek consistency in your content, your voice, and your imagery. One of the ways that I maintain consistency is to post a quote for every 5th image. These are simple quote graphics that I create using the same font and styling for each. They also utilize the same color palette that my highlight photos and logo use. That way, they look cohesive in my feed, and they become synonymous with my brand.

Instagram doesn’t have to be intimidating if you have a plan in place. Do a quick Instagram audit. If your dream client found their way to your page, would they understand who you are and what you do? Would they recognize your page if they happened upon it again? Being recognizable is a great way to ensure that your brand stands out against the competition, and it all starts with presenting consistent content.

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