How to Infuse Your Personality into Your Brand

In this weeks blog post I want to chat about the importance of infusing your personality into your brand. I am by no means a shy person, but the idea of sharing images and personal things about myself felt a bit narcissistic. However, I’ve found that when I share more about me and my personal story I get the most interaction from my audience. You know why? Because people want to interact with other people, not a faceless business.

You don’t have to be an over-sharer by any means, but sharing a little more of yourself will encourage people to interact with you. Once they create a personal connection with you, they are much more likely to hire you or purchase your products.

Let’s talk about some easy ways to add more of who you are into your business.

Your Branding

Your branding should be a reflection of your personal style. Yes, it still needs to be professional and clean but it should an extension to who you are. Your branding is often the first impression people have of your business so let them see what makes you and your business unique.

Hire a professional branding designer that can capture your unique style. Do some research to find a designer that is more in line with the look you are going for. Your branding should also include a color and font palette that aligns with your personality. Choose colors that speak to you and you enjoy working with on a daily basis.

Your Voice

The way you speak to your audience should feel authentic and real. Don’t put on a salesy businesswoman voice when writing your copy. Just be you and speak to your audience like you would a good friend. This goes back to what I said earlier, people connect with real person, not some faceless business.

So where can you infuse some of your personality into the voice of your brand? Let’s start with your website, the digital home for your business. Write an about section that has more than just your work experience, talk about your favorite foods or your family so people can get to know you on a deeper level.

On your social media page write your captions in your own voice, be friendly, authentic, and YOU. Share your personal triumphs and hardships. Show your true colors through your writing and people can relate to you on a more intimate level.

Try this exercise when writing an email:

  • Picture your ideal client and choose a person that fits that profile, preferably a real person, and even better if you know them. If you can’t think of a specific person, then imagine as many specifics about this ideal client as you can: her personality, her business, her likes, her dislikes.
  • Now draft a personal letter or email to her, as if writing to a friend. You’re not pitching anything. Just write her a letter to catch up on life and ask about her business.
  • Once you’ve completed the letter, review the overall tone of it. Is it personal and friendly? Professional and sophisticated? Does the tone match up with the personality of your business? If so, draft all future business communications as if writing to that individual.

Your Imagery

The imagery you share on your social media page, as well as your website, should not only be cohesive with your brand but also your personality. This doesn’t mean you have to take all your own photos, that can be hard to get professional-looking photos when all you have is an iPhone. But you can strategically pick stock photos that match your personality. There are a ton of amazing free stock photo sites that have more than enough images to choose from.

The key here is to get all your images in the same tone, this is where Lightroom presets come in very handy. Find a preset that has the right coloring and tone that goes with your brand and use that preset on all your images. It might need to be tweaked a bit depending on the image but at least the overall look should be consistent.

Your Headshot

The one image you shouldn’t get on a stock photo site is your headshot. This I would recommend investing in a professional photographer or a helpful friend to take a photo of you for your website or social page. Wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that shows your style. Don’t wear a button-up shirt if you’re a casual person. Of course, you should look your best, but you should also look like you.

Pick a location that means something to you. Whether that is in your office with a cup of tea or somewhere outside. Pick a place that has meaning to you and your business.

Remember it is important to have a brand that aligns with your personality but it should also speak to your target audience. Your brand personality is your energy; it’s your vibe. It’s the feeling your customers have when they engage with you and often continue to experience after they walk away. So take time to establish a brand that not only matches your personality but the works well with those you are trying to work with.


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