How to Grow Your Email List

Growing an interested and engaged list of email subscribers is an important part of connecting with your potential clients and customers and promoting your brand. Sharing lead magnets is a simple and effective way to build your following and show the value of what your business can do for them.

 What is a Lead Magnet? 

 A lead magnet is a valuable “freebie” provided in exchange for someone’s email address. Lead magnets are items or services that quickly meet the need that spurred the customer to seek out your business in the first place while opening the door to future communication with them.

 How to Create a Lead Magnet

 There are many different types of lead magnets to choose from, so it’s important to think about what content is the right fit for your target customers and what will best represent your business. Consider who your audience is, what they want and need, what solution you can provide them with, and what format will best deliver that solution. 

 Some examples of lead magnets are:

  • eBooks
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Guides or Reports
  • Workbooks
  • Toolkits
  • Mini eCourses
  • Challenges
  • Resources Lists
  • Free Software Downloads or Trials
  • Quizzes or Surveys
  • PDFs
  • Giveaways


Here is an example of a lead magnet I currently offer.

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Elements of a Successful Lead Magnet

 A successful lead magnet has to give your subscribers something of high value, offering your unique expertise with content that will help them. Your lead magnet should be extremely useful and should quickly solve a problem your customers face. It should help them to achieve what they want while clearly demonstrating what your business can do for them.

 Keep your lead magnets simple and straightforward, requiring as few steps and clicks as possible for subscribers to instantly access the content you’re giving them. The lead magnet should be very specific and efficient, delivering exactly what is promised in an easily downloaded or quickly viewed format.

 Since lead magnets serve as an introduction to your business and are likely the first interaction a customer has with you, it’s important that your first impression is a positive one. Lead magnets give you an opportunity to show your contacts why they should like you and trust you, so you should be putting your best foot forward.

 How to Promote a Lead Magnet

 Once you’ve created a desirable lead magnet it’s time to share it. Promote it on your website, including it in a sidebar, landing page, or blog post. Post excerpts or tips from the lead magnet to your social media accounts and consider creating an infographic to help it catch attention places like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s important to avoid spamming people and to explain why the freebie you’re providing is valuable and how it will help them.

 How to Collect Emails

 Collecting email addresses for your lead magnet is very simple to do. Using your email platform of choice (I use Mailchimp), upload your lead magnet content and create an email opt-in form. You can then copy and embed the form code on your website, with a templated landing page being an ideal place to collect the emails. The freebie can be automatically downloaded after someone inputs their email address and is added to your list. 

 Consider creating lead magnets in order to build your email subscriber list and engage your target audience while offering valuable content to promote your business. 


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