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Favorite Fonts of 2020

The fonts you choose for your business influence your brand’s look and feel. The next time you’re driving around your neighborhood, pay attention to signage for different restaurants. How does the local pub’s sign differ from the sign for the high-end restaurant down the street? Fonts and styles create entirely different impressions for businesses. A simple font choice can take your business as being perceived from cheap to high-end. Here is a roundup of my favorite fonts for 2020. Find where you can download these fonts below.



Download the fonts here:

Lust  |  Faustine  |  Ivy Mode  |  Sandcastle  |  Claire  |  Commuter Sans  |  Chloe  |  Cammron  |  Marisa  |  Fino Sans

When picking the perfect fonts for your brand, you don’t want to pick the first font that pops up on your computer. It is important to consider how your logo font works in conjunction with your other brand elements.

When selecting a font, it is essential to remember where you will display it. For example, will it be placed over images, on color, or embroidered on t-shirts? It should be strong and legible in its intended location.

The font you use for your logo shouldn’t necessarily be used elsewhere. Using the same font from your logo in your website headers will weaken your logo so keep the two very distinct. Typography can be tricky, that is why I created a helpful guide made just for business owners.


Why stop at just your fonts, we’ve developed a collection of guides to help you get clear on your goals and create a business you are confident in. We give you the tools to show up knowing you’ve got a plan in place for your business.



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