How to Create More Purposeful Content

Social media makes it easy to quickly create, click, and share content with the world. But as convenient as it is to post instantly, businesses need to strategically build their social media content. A purposeful plan for your social media helps you develop content that aligns with your business’ goals.

The content you share to social media should be as intentional as the content and copy you share on any other marketing platform. You need to clearly define what you want your social media strategy to achieve for it to be effective. Posts should serve a purpose and call your audience to actions consistent with one or more of your business goals. The best way to ensure you’re consistently reaching your audience through social media is to strategically plan and schedule your content.

Start with the Why

Before you start coming up with content, let’s first dive into the purpose behind your social media page. Why are you investing your time in it? What is your overall goal for your social media? When you define the purpose behind your posts, you have a clearer picture when creating your unique content. You understand your goals and who you are trying to reach so your messages can be tailored to attract the right people.

Define Your Brand

Consistent branding tells your audience that you are professional, legitimate, and reliable. Be consistent with your content so that your prospective customers and clients can come to recognize you and begin to trust you.

Using your branded color palette, fonts, and imagery helps your audience learn to identify your brand on any platform. When you’re competing against other businesses that provide similar products or services, brand consistency can be the difference between getting your business noticed over another provider. Consistent branding can also help your business to be perceived positively by your target audience.

I have an amazing free resource that can help you define your brand elements. Check out The Plan Behind Your Brand. 


Now that you have the user’s attention, what action do you want them to take. Do you want them to follow you, comment, like the post, share the post, or answer a question. It’s a lot easier for your audience to interact with you when you provoke them to take the next step. Be intentional with your posts and what it is you want them to do.

Here are some helpful CTA’s you can give your followers:




Creating valuable content that leaves your audience with insights or resources that benefit them is key to getting your business noticed. Imagine meeting a business owner and politely shaking hands. Yes, that interaction may be perfectly pleasant. But imagine how you would feel if, along with that handshake, they gave you a great tip on something that could improve your business? That person would stand out to you.

When you prepare content to share on your chosen platforms, think about what your audience will take away from consuming that content. Will your content help them in some way, or give them insights as to how working with you will benefit their business? 


What makes your business different from others? What about it is unique and stands out? Understanding your special sauce will help you create exciting and relevant branding that gets your business noticed.

You should proudly infuse what makes your business unique in all of your marketing activities. While it might be appealing to replicate what someone else has done successfully, creating a look and feel for your business that is 100% original will always be the best way to leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Showing up consistently for your followers shows them that you are a reliable resource. You show up more in the feed and get more chances for engagement and people sharing your content. When you share content on a daily or weekly basis you show your followers you care and that you want to provide solutions to their problems.

But showing up on a daily basis can be tough. You run out of things to share or you can get burnt out, I know I sure have. To help you out here is 30 days of content ideas for your page.



Trying these tips will help your business grab your target audience’s attention. They will help you to reach and connect with exactly who you want to work with. When you take the time to come up with a plan for your content you can have a clear idea of your overall business goals and encourage more engagement with your posts.


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