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Creating Purposeful Content

Social media makes it easy to quickly create, click, and share content with the world. But as convenient as it is to post instantly, businesses need to strategically build their social media content. A purposeful plan for your social media helps you develop content that aligns with your business’ goals.

The content you share to social media should be as intentional as the content and copy you share on any other marketing platform. You need to clearly define what you want your social media strategy to achieve for it to be effective. Posts should serve a purpose and call your audience to actions consistent with one or more of your business goals. The best way to ensure you’re consistently reaching your audience through social media is to strategically plan and schedule your content.

Before you start coming up with content, let’s first dive into the purpose behind your social media page. Why are you investing your time in it? What is your overall goal for your social media? When you define the purpose behind your posts, you have a clearer picture when creating your unique content. You understand your goals and who you are trying to reach so your messages can be tailored to attract the right people.

Here are some helpful resources for coming up with purposeful content for your social media pages.

If you want to come up with a plan for your content, check out The Content Planner










– social goal setting
– define your ideal audience
– 30 days of content ideas
– hashtag planner
– imagery standards
– content creator
– scheduling tools
– timing cheat sheet- brand essentials

- Craft a business vision
- Define your ideal audience
- Figure out your brand personality
- Pick your most valuable brand elements
- Strategically pick your brand color
- Learn about the different style of fonts
- Gain confidence in your business

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Define the purpose of your business and who your serve so you can purposefully craft a brand you are confident to grow with.

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