How to Hold Yourself Accountable

As an entrepreneur, your business’s success comes down to the work you put into it. You are the person in charge of setting goals for your business and making them happen. 

Creating ways to keep yourself on track and to check-in with yourself on your progress is vital to accomplishing what you want for yourself and your business. This blog will provide you with my tips and ideas on holding yourself accountable for working toward your goals.

Write Your Goals Down

Before you develop strategies for holding yourself accountable for your goals, you need to define those goals clearly. Writing down your goals and the strategies to help you reach them is the best way to stay organized. It enables you to think through what your goals will require of you and create your plan to achieve them.

I created The Goal Setting Planner to help you define your purpose and vision, brainstorm your big goals, create supporting micro-goals, and plan how you will accomplish them. The Goal Setting Planner from Sonrisa Studio

Set Reminders

After you’ve set your goals and determined the steps necessary to complete them, it’s time to take action. Assigning time frames to all your goal and micro-goal tasks will give you deadlines to work toward and allow you to stay focused as you go. Setting reminders and prompts will ensure that you keep your desired timing on your radar.

There are various ways you can give yourself reminders about the steps and tasks that support your goals. Whether you note them in your day planner, set alerts/alarms on your phone, or program them into your preferred digital calendar system, the important thing is that you keep track of when your work should be done. 

Reward Yourself 

Rewarding yourself with a “prize” or something valuable to you is another way to keep yourself accountable and focused on accomplishing your goals. When you know that achieving your goals will result in getting something you want, you give yourself even more incentive to work toward them.

How you choose to reward yourself for reaching your goals depends on you, your business, and your interests. For some, a well-deserved day off might be the perfect carrot. For others, investing in a valuable tool or resource for your business could provide strong motivation. 

However, you decide to celebrate your progress, be sure to pat yourself on the back for what you’re accomplishing.

Review Your Progress

Being honest with yourself about where you are succeeding in your work toward your goals and where you are falling short is critical to holding yourself accountable for them. Regularly checking in with yourself on what’s going well and what needs improvement will let you assess where you might need to tweak your plans or update them. 

If you find your motivation is decreasing or you’re procrastinating, consider what needs to change. If the timing you assigned to your goals and their actionable steps isn’t panning out as you expected, adjust your plans accordingly and consider what will be realistic for you. 

You are the only one who can decide whether the goals you set for yourself and your business become realities. Holding yourself accountable will help you to make sure that you accomplish what you set out to achieve. Get my free Accountability Worksheet and start holding yourself to task for your goals.

Free Accountability Worksheet from Sonrisa Studio

Value Your Time

Entrepreneurs pour most waking hours into building their businesses. Valuing your time and making the most of it is necessary to hold yourself accountable. When you recognize how important your available time is and what areas are most worth your attention and energy, you’re less likely to be frivolous with your efforts.

Developing plans for each area of your business helps you organize your time and use it wisely. The Ultimate Business Planner Pack has everything you need to carefully strategize and implement essential aspects of growing your business. With a clear action plan, an authentic brand, and content crafted specifically for your ideal audience, you can decide exactly where to invest your resources and time.

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