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Find the Perfect Fonts for Your Brand

The fonts you choose for your business influence your brand’s look and feel. The next time you’re driving around your neighborhood, pay attention to signage for different restaurants. How does the local pub’s sign differ from the sign for the high-end restaurant down the street? Fonts and styles create entirely different impressions for businesses. A simple font choice can take your business as being perceived from cheap to high-end.

When selecting a font, it is essential to consider where and how you will use it. The number of typography options out there can be daunting, I know, but I’ve made it easy for you with this post.  You will learn about fonts and explore which ones are the best fit for your business.  If you want to dive deeper into finding the perfect fonts for your brand, I have a downloadable guide you can purchase so you know you are picking just the right fonts for your brand. It even comes with over 75 fonts to choose from and a guide on how to pair and styling them.

Let’s get started!

Style of Type

The typefaces you choose for your business play an intricate role in the overall look and feel of your brand. Understanding how to choose type styles with intention and selecting the right fonts that communicate your brand values can make all the difference in terms of your branding. Below I have laid out the different versions of type and their characteristics.


Font Pairing

When picking the perfect fonts for your brand, you don’t want to pick the first font that pops up on your computer. It is important to consider how your logo font works in conjunction with your other brand elements. Finding the right fonts for your brand is one thing, but you also have to think about how those fonts will look together. Here is a guide for how to pair fonts.


When selecting a font, it is essential to remember where you will display it. For example, will it be placed over images, on color, or embroidered on t-shirts? It should be strong and legible on its intended location. The font you use for your logo shouldn’t necessarily be used elsewhere. Using the same font from your logo in your website headers will weaken your logo so keep the two very distinct. Typography can be tricky, but by taking the time to figure out what makes the most sense for your brand you can be confident you’ve chosen the right one.

If you would like more help picking the perfect font for your business check out our comprehensive Font Guide. This comprehensive guide will help you understand font vocabulary, select fonts that reflect your brand, and pair them to create a professional and stylish look for your business. Complete our branding questionnaire that helps you pick the right font for your brand’s message and marketing goals. It also includes The Ultimate Font Library, a 14-page resource with over 100 designer-approved fonts, where to download them, and how to pair them.





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