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Top 10 Hacks For Getting Your Business Noticed

With new businesses emerging every day, it can often feel as if your market is becoming saturated and competition is booming. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to understand how to make your business stand out from the crowds and catch the attention of your ideal customers. 

Today I’m sharing my top 10 hacks for getting your business noticed. Try these tips to help you develop a presence that will attract your target audience and grow your business.

1. Consistency 

Consistent branding tells your audience that you are professional, legitimate, and reliable. Be consistent with your content so that your prospective customers and clients can come to recognize you and begin to trust you.

Using your branded color palette, fonts, and imagery helps your audience learn to identify your brand on any platform. When you’re competing against other businesses that provide similar products or services, brand consistency can be the difference between getting your business noticed over another provider. Consistent branding can also help your business to be perceived positively by your target audience.

2. Relatability

People want to connect with other humans, not businesses. Sharing content that conveys your brand’s personality and the relatable aspects of our business makes your audience feel as if they’re getting to know you. And when they feel like they know you, they’re more likely to want to work with you.

Be sure to highlight who you are in your content. If you’re upbeat and positive, let that shine through in your content. If you’re more serious and focused, share that. Let your audience get a glimpse into who they might work with if they choose to invest in you.

3. Valuable Content

Creating valuable content that leaves your audience with insights or resources that benefit them is key to getting your business noticed. Imagine meeting a business owner and politely shaking hands. Yes, that interaction may be perfectly pleasant. But imagine how you would feel if, along with that handshake, they gave you a great tip on something that could improve your business? That person would stand out to you.

When you prepare content to share on your chosen platforms, think about what your audience will take away from consuming that content. Will your content help them in some way, or give them insights as to how working with you will benefit their business? Your answer should always be a resounding “Yes.” If you want extra help coming up with a plan for your content, check out our Content Planner

4. Professional Logo & Graphics

You can’t convince your ideal customers that your business is professional and reliable with unpolished or unprofessional visuals. If you want to get your business noticed and have people take it seriously, you have to look the part. That involves investing in professional branding and graphics.

Professional branding is an investment because, when it’s done thoughtfully and strategically, it can result in significant returns throughout the life of your business. Quality branding will allow you to attract and engage with the right customers. My Exclusive Branding Package takes the guesswork out of creating a cohesive, professional brand for your business. 

5. Originality

What makes your business different from others? What about it is unique and stands out? Understanding your special sauce will help you create exciting and relevant branding that gets your business noticed.

You should proudly infuse what makes your business unique in all of your marketing activities. While it might be appealing to replicate what someone else has done successfully, creating a look and feel for your business that is 100% original will always be the best way to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

6. Showing Up 

If you aren’t actively putting yourself and your business out there, no one will see it. You can’t get your business noticed if you don’t show up consistently. You don’t necessarily need to post to your social media platforms daily. But, creating a plan to show up with a frequency will help you develop a strong presence for audiences to follow.

Start by creating a plan for your content. Consider what you want to accomplish with your social media, how you want to categorize your content, and what platforms you’ll share to. Then, create a schedule for your posts and explore how you can maximize your reach. 

7. Social Media Templates

Consistency is key to creating an overall experience of your brand for your audience. If designing aesthetically engaging and on-brand content for social media is outside of your wheelhouse, or you’re unsure of what will look good, social media templates are a fantastic resource to help get your business noticed.

With social media templates, you can easily plug in your business’ content and post to your platforms. Then, you know that your content reflects your brand and carries a consistent appearance. Check out the Sonrisa Digital Shop for my selection of beautifully branded templates you can use across your platforms. 

consistent social media imagery are an effective way to get your business noticed.

8. High-Res Imagery 

The visuals you share with your audience play a significant role in how they perceive your content and your business. Using high-res imagery is essential to convey a professional look and feel for your business on your website, social media, and other marketing channels.  

There are many free stock imagery resources out there that allow you to search their libraries and find the perfect images. My favorite free resource for high-end images is Unsplash. Then make sure all of your images carry the same tone for your business. Find a Lightroom preset with the right coloring and tone that goes with your brand, and use that preset on all your images. 

9. Freebies

Who doesn’t enjoy a valuable resource for free? Sharing a freebie containing something relevant and useful to your audience is an excellent way for them to notice your business. And, it establishes yourself as a credible potential resource to them.

There are limitless possibilities for the types of freebies you can give your audience. Whether you choose to create a checklist, guide, ebook, whitepaper, or something else, make sure that it contains something prospective customers will value and that will help them. Also, providing the freebie as a lead magnet, or in exchange for their email address, will help you build your email list. 

Take a look at my free branding guide, I created it once and it generates me a ton of new subscribers each week. 

Professional branding helps to get your business noticed.

10. Staying Relevant

Social media and what is “in” is constantly changing. To get your business noticed, you need to stay up to date on the latest trends. For example, Instagram reels became all the rage in 2020 and are expected to become the new preferred Instagram ad format in 2021. 

You don’t necessarily need to dive in head-first on every social media trend. But, it’s essential to consider how they impact your business. You might need to adjust your strategy as a result. 

Trying these tips will help your business grab your target audience’s attention. They will help you to reach and connect with exactly who you want to work with. Get started on creating a beautiful and eye-catching brand with my Exclusive Branding Package.

Exclusive Branding Kit from Sonrisa


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