Pick the Perfect Fonts for Your Canva Graphics

The fonts you choose for your business influence your brand’s look and feel. The next time you’re scrolling through your feed pay attention to the fonts people use in their graphics. What feeling do they convey? Are they easy to read or too busy? Fonts and styles create entirely different impressions for businesses. A simple font choice can take your business as being perceived from cheap to high-end.

When selecting a font, it is essential to consider where and how you will use it. The number of typography options within Canva can be daunting, I know, but I’ve made it easy for you with this guide. You will learn about fonts and explore which ones are the best fit for your business. I even included a list of my favorite font combinations to get you started!

A few tips from a seasoned designer to help you pick and style the fonts for your graphics:

  • You want to be consistent with your fonts so take some time when you are first picking them to be sure you can use that style over and over.
  • Test out the fonts with different words and graphics. Some fonts (especially scripts) can look funky in different phrases.
  • Play around with all caps or all lower case styling.
  • Also, be sure to adjust the letter spacing if a style is too squished, adding a bit of spacing between the letters makes a big difference.


Here are some of my favorite Canva fonts. And if you want to dive deeper into finding the perfect font for your Canva graphics check out my helpful guide down below.


Interested in picking the perfect font for your Canva graphics? Check out my helpful guide.

Download the free guide here.

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