Favorite Fonts – Summer

The fonts you use for your brand should be distinctive and portray your unique personality. Once you use a font for your logo, I recommend not using that font anywhere else so it allows your logo to stand out. You always need to consider how your fonts work together and if they work in conjunction with your other brand elements. This might take some playing around with to see what works best.

Fonts usually aren’t too expensive but you do want to pay attention to the license agreements to be sure you are using them proporly. If a font says “For Personal Use Only” you will want to look into purchasing the version that allows you to use it publically.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fonts of the summer to help get you started finding the perfect fonts for your brand.

Here is where you can download the fonts above:

Bon Vivant  |  Claire  |  Commuter Sans  |  ClassicoBon Vivant Regular  Fino Sans  |  Auteur Lust  |  Cammron


If you want a little extra help figuring out what fonts you should use for your brand, we are now offering a brand audit which will provide you with your own custom font palette plus a strategy on how to build a successful brand. Learn more here.




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