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Favorite Fonts – Fall

Picking out the right fonts for your brand starts with your brand personality. Establishing your brand personality helps you make better decisions when it comes to design elements. To get you started with this, check out our free guide The Plan Behind Your Brand. This not only will help you define your brand personality but also pick just the right fonts for your brand.

Once you’re familiar with your brand personality and you’ve got a handle on the different font categories, you should be ready to try out some fonts for your brand.

The important thing to pay attention to is not only do these fonts match your brand personality but can you grow with them. Play around with different words and even add in some special characters. See how numbers look and how fonts to pair together.

Below is a list of the current fonts I am loving this season. Enjoy!


Download the fonts here:

Aurora  |  Charlotte Romla  |  Goldenbook Saffron  |  Rosie  |  CorbertRollgates  |  Romla Signature


If you would like help defining your brand personality and coming up with a font palette for your business, check out our new service.




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