How to Attract More Dream Clients This Year

When you started dreaming up your business, who did you imagine serving? As you’ve gotten your business off the ground and grown and changed along the way, you’ve likely found there are certain types of clients you’d like to work with over and over again. And some who perhaps haven’t been the perfect fit. Make this year the year you attract your dream clients with these tips.

Define Who Your Dream Client Is

Before you try to attract your dream client, you need to know exactly who they are. My favorite way to do this is to create a customer persona. This will help you personify your dream client and learn important information about them. That way, you can craft a marketing strategy to attract them specifically. 

To create a customer persona, answer the following questions:

  • What are their interests?
  • Are there pain points they struggle with?
  • What are their goals?
  • How can you help them with their goals?

Use this helpful document to write down your answers and build your persona.

Use our Customer Persona document to learn how to attract your dream clients (from Sonrisa Studio)

Create an Attract Strategy

Now that you have a clear understanding of who you are trying to attract, it’s time to decide just how you’ll go about catching their attention. 

What will your tactics be to position your business where your dream clients spend time? How will you engage them and begin to build relationships with them? How will you get your content and offers in front of them? What steps will they take as they move through your sales funnel?

Developing an attract strategy will ensure your time and resources are spent in the right places to find your dream clients.

A statue sits on a desktop. Learn how to attract your dream clients with Sonrisa Studio.

Use The Power of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are great tools to attract your dream client on several levels. They’re free resources you provide in exchange for someone’s email address, and are the key to developing your email list and cultivating an audience of engaged prospective customers. 

By giving your audience something valuable from your business, which is free, you establish yourself as a credible source. When dream clients receive your lead magnet and see it’s effective, informative, or helps them accomplish something they desire, they’ll begin to see your business as a solution. Building this relationship and establishing trust opens the door to their investment in your business in the future.

Here are a few popular and effective types of lead magnets:

  • Workbooks
  • Quizzes
  • Webinar
  • Email challenge
  • Free tutorial
  • Free templates

Sonrisa’s Ultimate Marketing Kit comes with lead magnet templates to help you engage the right people and start booking the clients of your dreams.

The Ultimate eMarketing Kit from Sonrisa Studio will help you find and work with your dream clients.

Engage With Potential Customers

I’m guessing that, given the option, you’d rather work with a business where you feel some sort of human connection than one with generic responses and support. People want to know there is a person on the other side of the screen, and that businesses genuinely care about their feedback, questions, and insights.

An important step to attract your dream clients this year is to invest time in engaging with potential customers. From responding to comments on social media and sending DMs with genuine interest, to promptly responding to website inquiries, communicating with your email list, and managing your customer service inbox, each point of communication is important to build relationships with your audience.

Nurture Your Leads

Your business’ leads are potential customers who have already shown an interest in your business. Once someone has engaged with your business, ensure they have a clear path to learning more about how you can help them.

Nurturing your leads is essential to attracting your ideal clients because it’s your opportunity to demonstrate exactly why they should decide to work with you. You should be regularly connecting with your leads, providing them with valuable information and resources related to your business, and building a relationship with them.

A notebook, pen, candle, and laptop sit on a desk. Sonrisa Studio shares how you can find and work with your dream clients.

Show Dream Clients That You Can Deliver

It’s not enough to simply say that you can offer your dream clients certain benefits or results, or that you have a lot of experience in your field. Social proof is essential to establishing that you can create success for the people who invest in your business. 

Testimonials, client quotes, and samples of successful work are key resources you should be sharing with your dream clients. As you create content for your audience, whether on social media, your website, or other areas of your business, be sure to include social proof examples where possible. It will give you dream clients the confidence they need to become customers.

Update Your Messaging

Your brand messaging plays an important role in your ability to attract your dream clients. It’s time to look back at the customer persona I suggested you create, and get to know exactly what your dream clients need.

Review what their pain points and challenges are, and then identify how your business can be the solution to those issues. Your messaging should highlight how your business can make life easier for your dream clients: What do they need help with, and how will working with you fix the problem?

Be Intentional With Your Content

I can totally understand the pressure small business owners feel to show up everywhere, all the time. Sometimes you might feel pressure to keep up with what everyone else seems to be doing. The problem is, without a strategy or plan for your content, it’s hard to know if you’ll attract your dream clients.

Your content should be produced specifically with your dream clients in mind. Just as your brand messaging should communicate why you are a valuable resource for your dream clients, your content should establish who you are and why they should take notice.

Show Up Consistently

Consistency is essential to attracting your ideal client this year. If you aren’t regularly putting yourself and your business out there, your audience won’t have the opportunity to take notice. You don’t necessarily need to post on social media every day or send emails to your subscribers constantly. But you do need to become a presence they come to expect and count on.

As you plan out the content you’ll create to attract your dream clients, be sure to also plan how often and when you’ll be sharing with them. Think about what you want to share and with what frequency, and then commit to doing so. 

Make 2022 the year you attract your dream clients and take your business to the next level! Purchase our Marketing and Sales Guide and design a strategy that will help you accomplish all of your goals this year.

Marketing and Sales Guide from Sonrisa Studio

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