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My Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed This Year

Does it ever feel like you’re competing in a saturated market? Like everywhere you turn, there’s a new business offering a product or service just like yours? You can compete in even the busiest industries by making your business stand out in the crowd: You just have to know how. I’ll help you do just that with my top ten tips for getting your business noticed.

1. Build an authentic brand

When you see a competitor succeeding and growing the audience you want, it might be tempting to try to replicate what they’re doing. While it’s worth observing what seems to be working in their favor, it’s not okay to copy someone else’s brand or their work. Truthfully, trying to replicate what someone else is doing is the fastest and easiest way to lose yourself in the crowd.

Your business is unique, even if it feels like there’s competition all around you. Focusing on what makes you special and how you can serve your audience is how you can build an authentic brand and get your business noticed.

2. Be real

Would you rather work with a business that portrays a flawless and unachievable level of perfection or one you can actually relate to? If you’re like me, you’re more drawn to real people and authentic brands. If you want to get your business noticed, don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

It’s okay to show your flaws–actually, people like to see what makes you human. Being real with how you represent yourself helps your audience get to know you on a deeper level. They’ll know that you experience the same struggles they do, and they’ll be much more likely to celebrate your wins with you and want to become part of your journey.

3. Show up consistently 

Helping your business get noticed requires showing up consistently. That doesn’t necessarily mean posting on social media every day, or sending emails to your subscriber list around the clock. But it does mean that you need to be a reliable presence in your market with cohesive branding.

Whether you share content every day or once a week, what matters is that your brand and business are memorable. Building a cohesive business calls for messaging and visual brand elements that your audience can come to recognize (and hopefully, start to look forward to seeing). 

Creating a Branding Guide is the best way to ensure your branding is consistent across all platforms and marketing activities. Your branding guide will be your resource to ensure that your content looks and sounds like your business every time your audience hears from you. That way, they can get to know you, and better yet, they’ll spot you in the crowd.Branding Guide from Sonrisa Studio

4. Share your wins

I’m sure many of your competitors are showing up and making many claims about what they can do for your target customers. However, it’s one thing to say you can do something and another to show you’ve done it consistently and successfully. 

Sharing your wins helps get your business noticed because it’s concrete proof that your business can do what you claim it does. Client testimonials and samples of completed work show your audience that you’re credible and successful at what you do. So, don’t hesitate to share those five-star reviews or the thank you note you received from your happy customer. It’s precisely the social proof you need to stand out.

5. Engage with your audience

Posting and ghosting is the quickest way to lose potential customers who have shown an interest in your business. Setting aside even a few minutes every day to engage with your audience and build your community can help get your business noticed.

Send valuable emails to your list, respond to DMs, and have conversations in the comments of your social media posts. It shows your audience that you care and that they can talk to you. This will help them feel connected to you and improve the likelihood of them taking the next steps to engage with you and ultimately wanting to work with you.

A Branding guide marketing asset for service-based businesses from Sonrisa Studio.

6. Speak their language 

It’s beneficial to keep track of what you think your audience wants and needs. But, it’s even more productive and beneficial to actually ask them.

Not only will they appreciate your interest in their experiences and struggles, but you can gather valuable feedback to use in your content. When your target customers tell you exactly what they want and why, you can use that same language to communicate how you can serve them in your website copy or social media content.

Your Instagram Stories, emails, and social media comment sections are great places to engage with your audience and hear from them.

7. Define your dream client

If you want to get your business noticed by the right people, you need to know exactly who the right people are. To attract your dream client, it’s essential to figure out who you’re serving and how to serve them best.

Defining your dream client will help you deliver messaging that resonates with them and create the content they’ll appreciate and engage with. It also enables you to see how your goals align with your customer’s goals and create a more strategic marketing plan that caters to their needs.

My new workbook, The Guide to Attracting More Clients, walks you through exactly how to do this.

8. Show your face

Not everyone loves taking their own pictures or posting selfies, and that’s okay! But if you want your business to stand out, you’re going to need to show your face from time to time. That way, people can connect a person with your brand, which will make them feel a more personal connection to your business.

Professional photos are certainly a great asset to your brand. However, a few “nice” photos of you that you can rotate and modify for your content are just fine to start with. In addition to showing who you are in pictures, you can also show more of yourself in other ways. Speak to your own pain points, share behind-the-scenes moments in your business, and talk about things that matter to you personally.

Remember, there’s only one you. Sharing what makes you unique is a great way to stand out in the crowd.

9. Provide free resources

Are you more likely to purchase, for example, a beauty product that you’ve only seen pictures of or one that you’ve actually tried and liked? The same concept goes for service-based businesses. Your audience will be much more likely to invest in your business if they’ve experienced your value vs. not. That’s where free resources are vital to getting your business noticed.

Gain your audience’s trust by providing them with free resources. Free resources allow you to prove you’re credible, reliable, and that you can share value. 

Some of my favorite free resources are:

  • workbooks
  • templates
  • webinars
  • mini-tutorials
  • free templates
  • checklists

Marketing assets for service-based businesses from Sonrisa Studio.

10. Share high-quality content

Sharing high-quality content is a sure-fire step to getting your business noticed in a crowded marketplace. Not only does high-quality content catch your audience’s attention and demonstrate your value, but it sets the tone for what your target customers can expect if they were to work with you.

Consistent branding, quality imagery, and valuable insights are traits of high-quality content. Consider that your content is often the first chance a target customer has to learn about your business. Make the best first impression you have with strategic and thoughtful content that will not only appeal to them but convey what your business has to offer.

Let’s build you a brand that stands out from the crowd. Learn more about my services here. 

Marketing Assets for service-based businesses from Sonrisa Studio


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