Escape Imposter Syndrome and Build an Authentic Brand

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite deserve the success you’re aiming to accomplish? Or, like you’re not great enough at what you do? Faking it until you make it? Up to 82% of people are right there with you and experiencing imposter syndrome, or as if you haven’t earned what you’ve achieved so far. Imposter syndrome is all too common, especially among female entrepreneurs. At its worst, it can hold you back from going after your business dreams.

The good news is that imposter syndrome is all in your head. And with the right mindset and strategy, you can shift your thinking and prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you want with your business. Here’s how.

Be Strategic

One of the best ways to build confidence is to make choices based on facts and information. Being strategic with building your brand and growing your business will help you make plans and decisions from an informed perspective. 

Look at the big picture for your business and make your plans around the big goals you have. Make sure that every choice you make, from the content and copy you share to which marketing platforms you use, aligns with your goals. When you show up to your target audience(s), do so with purpose. 

Approaching your business with strategic and goal-centered intentions will help you feel more confident. It will help you chip away at any feelings of imposter syndrome.

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Communicate Your Value

Communicating your value is key to moving past imposter syndrome, developing your brand, and standing out.

The first step to effectively communicating your value is to develop a clear picture of what your business brings to the table and how you can improve your target customers’ lives. Consider the following questions:

  • What problem/challenge do your target customers face that your business can solve?
  • How do your target customers feel before using your products or services, and how will they feel afterward?
  • How much time, money, or resources does your business save its customers?

Get comfortable talking about your value and how your business benefits the people you want to work with. This will help you get more comfortable with the fact that you have what it takes. And it will aid you in developing language and content that communicates this value in your marketing.

Invest In Your Branding

To stand out from the crowd and build an authentic brand unique to you and your business, you need to invest in professional branding. Presenting polished and professional branding to your audience and followers will help you build credibility and demonstrate that your business is legitimate. 

Armed with authentic branding developed with your unique business and your dream customers in mind, you’ll feel more self-assured — Which helps you with those pesky imposter syndrome feelings.

Here are some benefits of working with a professional designer:

  • You get to craft a brand that is unique to you and your business needs
  • Your business looks more professional
  • You’ll be able to show up consistently on all marketing platforms
  • You can raise pricing because you look like a premium service
  • You’re able to attract more dream clients
  • You’re better positioned to build brand loyalty

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Be Yourself to Get Past Imposter Syndrome

It can seem easier said than done to “Be yourself.” But the truth is, people want to know the person behind the business. And showing up authentically is an essential step to gaining your audience’s trust and attracting the right people to your business.

Would you rather work with a generic business that offers the services you need or with a business that feels more personal and that has a face you can identify with? I’m going to guess the latter.

Don’t be afraid to get personal in your marketing, especially social media. To form lasting business connections, people need to feel like they know you and can relate to you. 

Being yourself is a pretty obvious step to overcoming imposter syndrome. After all, what feels less genuine and authentic than pretending to be something you’re not? When you start letting your personality, values, and even your quirks shine through in your content, you’ll be more like you’re sharing the “truth” about yourself with your audience(s). 

Stay In Your Lane

There are so many great aspects of social media that can help you build your business. But there can be a lot of noise out there that will distract you. It can be challenging to block out the stuff that isn’t positive or valuable to you. That constant influx of content leads to comparing yourself to others, a tricky aspect of imposter syndrome.

Try to put on your blinders if needed to stay true to who you are and focus on your business goals. Focus on the strategy I talked about earlier: What are your goals, what do you want to accomplish, and whom do you want to serve? What value do you bring to the table, and what makes you unique? Sure, it’s great to keep your tabs on what’s going on in your industry, but to the extent you can, cut out the content and feeds that make you feel less-than or bring about self-doubt.

It can be easy to go off course with so many distractions, but you need to stick to your branding and strategy to see real growth.

Be Confident in What You Do

If you can’t back up what you do and feel confident about your services or products, you can’t expect anyone else to be confident in you. Your confidence starts with a strong brand and a carefully-planned strategy behind it.

Putting your best, authentic foot forward allows you to be sure of yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. If you’re not, do something about it. Revisit your business plan and how your current business activities align with that plan. 

Go back to the basics of your business and evaluate your offerings, your current strategies, and how they’re supporting your work toward those big picture goals I talked about. Even if you realize that your current strategy is exactly where it should be to create the success you want, actively checking in on it will help you feel more sure of what you’re doing and fewer symptoms of imposter syndrome.

Ready to create an authentic brand you’ll feel confident sharing? The Exclusive Brand Package gives you everything you need to promote your business with confidence and saves you time to focus on your zone of genius. Contact us to learn more.

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