How to Create a Plan to Attract More Dream Clients

Attracting your dream client is about more than churning out content that you think will catch their attention. Want to successfully engage the right people for your business? You need to develop a strategy to do so. Building a plan for appealing to your ideal customers is what will set you apart in a sea of competition. Here are my strategies for creating a plan to attract more dream clients.

Clarify Your Business Vision

Before you invest any time or resources in working on attracting more dream clients, it’s important to ensure your business foundations are solid. Your business vision, or the concept of what you want your business to ultimately come, shapes every decision you make. 

It’s your idea of what success will look like in the future. How do you want to build your brand, and what are you striving for in your business?

Here are several points to consider:

  • Imagine your dream outcome for your business: think big, aim high, and contemplate your aspirations.
  • What led you to start your business? 
  • What is your primary focus in your business?
  • What do you hope to become known for?
  • How will you measure your success along the way?
  • What value do you hope to share with your customers?

Define Your Big Picture Goals (And Hold Yourself Accountable for Them)

In order to turn that business vision you’ve established into reality, you need to know how you’re going to get there. Setting goals and giving yourself actionable steps to accomplish them is the best way to make it happen and attract more dream clients.

Goals make executing your business vision manageable and doable. They provide milestones, big and small, for you to reach toward and celebrate when you achieve them. This will help you stay motivated to work to make your vision happen. 

Once you’ve established your big-picture goals, write them down. Using a planner allows you to create and organize your goals. Then you can focus on them and stay on track to achieving them. Figure out what steps you need to take to hold yourself accountable to them. 

Maybe you’re someone who will benefit from setting a monthly progress check-in. Or, you might reward yourself with someone you’ll enjoy every time you accomplish a goal. Determine what will motivate you to keep progressing toward those big picture goals and ultimately, your dreams for your business.

Create a Business Plan 

The key to attracting more dream clients is defining a clear and strategic business plan. Your dream clients are at the heart of your plan: They’re who you want to attract and serve, the core of why your business exists. 

Your business plan will further outline your goals, your marketing efforts, and how you will create your success. It also ensures all of your efforts across your business align to help you accomplish your goals.

Your business plan should consist of these elements:

Business Summary: A snapshot of your business as a whole.

Objective: What you want your business to accomplish.

Mission: Why your business exists and what you bring to the table.

Company Profile: An overall view of your business including your products or services, who you serve, problems you can solve, and what makes you unique.

Services: A description of your primary offering(s).

Ideal Audience: Who you to reach and serve with your business. 

Marketing Strategy: A description of the marketing strategies you’ll use to promote your business and engage your dream clients.

Promotional Tactics: How will you persuade customers to try your services or products?

Competitor Analysis: Analyze what your competitors offer, where they’re succeeding, and how they’re marketing themselves.

SWOT Analysis: Identify where you’re doing well, where you can improve, and what your next steps should be.

Milestones: List actionable steps for how you will achieve your business goals.

Consistently Provide Free & Valuable Content

One of the most important steps to attracting more dream clients is to show them your value by giving them value. You can do this by nurturing the connection you’re building with them and giving dream clients free and useful content that represents your business’ capabilities.

Sharing free, valuable content with your dream clients lets them experience your value and helps you become a trusted expert in their eyes. Not only are you giving them a taste of what your business can do for them, but you’re letting them see that you can create an immediate impact in their lives.

You might provide this complimentary content on your social media accounts, through email marketing, in the form of lead magnets (more on those in a moment), etc. The important thing is that your dream clients see you can walk the walk and that you are a worthwhile investment.

Build an Effective Website to Attract More Dream Clients

A visit to your website can be the difference between a dream client being persuaded to engage further with your business and not. A professional, effective, and easy-to-navigate website is a significant touch point if you want to attract more dream clients. 

To ensure has what it takes to not only attract but engage and convert your dream clients, review whether it currently has (or needs) these elements:

Consistent branding: Your logo and the fonts, imagery, and colors in your website design should align with your branding. Choose prominent aspects of your brand to incorporate throughout the site and then keep things consistent

  • Email sign-up: Include an email sign-up on your site’s Welcome Mat, the top or bottom of your site, or as a pop-up.
  • White space: Use white space to draw focus and attention to elements that support conversion actions. Make sure blocks of text and paragraphs have white space between and around them for better readability.
  • Limited options: Limit the number of visual options a visitor is given on your website. Make it clear what you want your user to do on the page without overloading them with too many options. 
  • Design for loading speed: Make sure that images and videos are sized and compressed appropriately, and reduce the number of custom fonts used on your website.
  • Pop-ups: Effective pop-ups draw users to a specific call-to-action. They can successfully collect email addresses, increase blog subscriptions, promote your content, and fuel leads. 
  • Analyze your site data: Understanding your website visitors’ activities and actions can help you to design your site to better appeal to them. 

Create a Lead Magnet & Marketing Strategy

Lead magnets are free resources you provide in exchange for someone’s email address. They’re vital to attract your dream clients, to developing your email list, and to cultivating an audience of engaged prospective customers. 

When you share a lead magnet with your target customers, you’re providing them with a valuable resource. The important thing to consider when choosing a lead magnet is to provide something that solves a problem for your audience. Ideally, your lead magnet will give your email subscribers something of value that’s useful to them, and build your credibility and expertise in their eyes.

Once you’ve decided on a lead magnet for your business, develop a marketing strategy to support it. You’ll want to create an email sign-up or landing page where your audience can sign up to receive it. Then, create email sequences with which you can continue to build your relationship with them and provide them with more valuable resources.

Promoting your lead magnet on your social media and email list, and with options such as social media advertisements, will also help spread the word and build your audience.

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