How to Create a Business that Stands Out

It is important to create a professional-looking and memorable brand that stands out from the crowd in this ever visual world. But, I know what you are thinking: What makes a brand memorable and professional? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does your branding accurately portray your level of professionalism?
  2. Do you have consistent-looking content so your audience can easily recognize your work?
  3. Are you sharing high-quality and clear imagery?
  4. Does your brand messaging speak to your target audience? 

If you weren’t sure how to answer the questions above, we are here to help. Here are some tips for creating a memorable and professional-looking brand that sets you apart from the competition.

Brand Touchpoints

Brand touchpoints are the different ways and places where someone interacts with your brand. Every opportunity your audience has to see, engage, or form an opinion of your brand is a touchpoint. Some brand touchpoints you should be familiar with are your logos, website, workbooks, social media graphics, business cards, email marketing, and print materials, among others.

Your brand touchpoints should represent the professionalism that people can expect from your business: An organized and polished presence among your touchpoints suggest an organized and polished business. If your touchpoints come off as messy or inconsistent, not only will you not appear professional, but your brand is likely to be forgotten.

Make sure that each and every place where your audience can encounter your brand looks and feels as professional as you want your business to come across. Not only will you be giving prospects a positive first impression, but it will be one they will remember.

A remade logo from Sonrisa Studio

Educate Your Target Audience

Your business can’t stand out to your target audience if they don’t know or understand your business’ value. Speaking consistently to your audience and sharing visually-pleasing content on social media and in emails will paint a picture of why you’re different and what you can bring to the table.

Sharing visuals and content that demonstrate your authority and provide your audience value clearly communicates that your business is professional and that you can help them reach their goals. Educating your target audience will help your audience get to know you, remember you, and consider investing in you.

If you need help creating social media content that looks professional, we’ve got something for that! Our premade social media templates are the perfect resource to share content you can be confident in!

A selection of premade social templates from Sonrisa Studio

High-Quality Imagery

In this highly visual market, high-quality imagery is essential to standing out from the crowd and getting noticed as a professional and memorable business. From the images you share on social media to those who live on your website, they all have to be professional and attractive.

There are many stock photo sites, paid and free, where you can get high-quality images that will help you stand out from the competition. I’ve tried many of them as a designer and have found several that I consistently use and recommend. Take a look at my blog post, where I list my favorite stock photo sites.

Professional stock imagery for a memorable brand

Engage WIth Your Audience

To create a memorable brand, you have to engage with your audience. Remember: People want to feel like they’re working with people, not with a business. 

Taking the time to interact with your target audience, respond to them, ask them questions, and learn more about them shows that there’s a human being behind your business. There’s a person passionate about getting to know them and providing them with value.

You might wonder how engaging with your audience demonstrates professionalism. Consider scenarios where you’ve interacted with a business and not felt any sort of personal touch. Engaging shows that you care about the people your business wants to serve and that they matter to you and your business.

Share a Unique Offer

It may feel like you’re currently competing in a saturated market, but there is always something unique about who you are and what you do at the end of the day. To create a memorable brand, and stand out with the services and products you offer, give your audience something different. 

When you’re developing your special offer, invest time in getting very clear about what your audience’s problems are and how your business can solve them. Instead of attempting to do what you see competitors do, or imitating what seems to be successful for others, identify the specific ways your business can provide value.

Brand Messaging

Your brand messaging plays a big role in how your business will be perceived. If you want to create a memorable brand that is professional, you have to be strategic about your brand messaging.

The way you communicate with your audience can help you stand out in the marketplace. Be real and be honest with your audience. Share your wins and share your struggles. Let them see your business’ values and what matters to you, and how you weave them into running your business. 

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