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Social media makes it easy to quickly create, click, and share content with the world. But as convenient as it is to post instantly, businesses need to strategically build their social media content. A purposeful plan for your social media helps you develop content that aligns with your business goals.

The content you share to social media should be as intentional as the content and copy you share on any other marketing platform. You need to clearly define what you want your social media strategy to achieve for it to be effective. Posts should serve a purpose and call your audience to actions consistent with one or more of your business goals. The best way to ensure you’re consistently reaching your audience through social media is to strategically plan and schedule your content.

Start with the Why

Before you start coming up with content, let’s first dive into the purpose behind your social media page. Why are you investing your time in it? What is your overall goal for your social media? When you define the purpose behind your posts, you have a clearer picture when creating your unique content. You understand your goals and who you are trying to reach so your messages can be tailored to attract the right people.

Define Your Brand

Consistent branding tells your audience that you are professional, legitimate, and reliable. Be consistent with your content so that your prospective customers and clients can come to recognize you and begin to trust you.

Using your branded color palette, fonts, and imagery helps your audience learn to identify your brand on any platform. When you’re competing against other businesses that provide similar products or services, brand consistency can be the difference between getting your business noticed over another provider. 

This also includes your brand voice. How are you communicating with your audience? This should be unique to you and your business. The way you communicate can play an important role in the actions your audience takes. Be clear, and concise, and have fun with it! Social media is after all a social platform.


Now that you have the user’s attention, what action do you want them to take? Do you want them to follow you, comment, like the post, share the post, or answer a question? It’s a lot easier for your audience to interact with you when you provoke them to take the next step. Be intentional with your posts and what it is you want them to do.

Here are some helpful CTA’s you can give your followers:


Creating valuable content that leaves your audience with insights or resources that benefit them is key to getting your business noticed. Imagine meeting a business owner and politely shaking hands. Yes, that interaction may be perfectly pleasant. But imagine how you would feel if, along with that handshake, they gave you a great tip on something that could improve your business. That person would stand out to you.

When you prepare content to share on your chosen platforms, think about what your audience will take away from consuming that content. Will your content help them in some way, or give them insights as to how working with you will benefit their business? 

Creating share-worthy graphics

Let’s talk about the graphics and images you use to share your content. These graphics should be inspiring and make people stop and engage. Whether it’s an inspirational quote that’s designed beautifully or a helpful carousel image that teaches them a quick win. The goal here is to make your content stand out and gives someone a reason to either share, save, like, or comment on your content. 

These graphics should be branded with your colors, fonts, and imagery to remain consistent. Check out our collection of done-for-you social media templates that you can customize with your branding in just a few minutes and have a month worth of content to share.

Content creation for coaches

Okay, now this section is directed at my coaches out there. Your goal as a coach should be to share valuable information so your audience can begin to see you as an expert. It is essential that you build know, like, and trust if you are going to get clients in the door. As a coach, building trust is an important part of the process and you do that but showing up consistently and with helpful content. Below are some helpful content prompts you can use today to come up with a month’s worth of content. 

And if you would like to take it a step further and get over a month worth of graphics ready to go, check out my social media templates created just for coaches and business experts. 

To get you started, here is 30 days of content you can use today!

Content planning for coaches

Next steps

Now that you have a better understanding for creating meaningful content that encourages engagement and action, you can take it a step further and come up with a clear plan for your content creation. 

In this free guide you will be able to:

  • Set goals for your content
  • Come up with a clear brand message 
  • Define your content pillars
  • Create a strategic plan for your content
  • Lay out a year’s worth of content 
  • Finally feel organized and less overwhelmed

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