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Font Combinations for Website Design

The way you style the text on your website will determine content hierarchy. What is content hierarchy you ask? Content hierarchy is the strategic arrangement of information on a web page where the most important information is emphasized more than less important content.

For example, put some of your most important, high converting text in the title content or subheaders of your website so you can entice visitors to read more. Put any content that might not be as important into the paragraphs.

If you are wondering what fonts to use on your site to help achieve a high quality, professional design, I’ve got you covered. And below you will find the links on where you can purchase or download these fonts. If you need to purchase the font be sure you purchase the web license so you can use the font on your website.

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Download the fonts


Newsreader | Montserrat | Proxima Nova


Quincy | Futura | Source Sans


Made Canvas | Commuter Sans | Lato


Poppins | Cormorant Garamond | Crimson Pro


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