Good Publicity

Jabari came to Sonrisa looking for help bringing his new clothing line business to life. He wanted a timeless logo that would make a memorable brand people would remember and want to wear. My goal was to create a brand that would display his passion and give him the tools needed to grow and expand his business.

Branding + Marketing kit


"Sonrisa helped my business by bringing it back to life. They were able to give me the identity that I wanted for my brand. Sonrisa gave me the ability to be more confident in my business approach due to the professional logos that were created for us. The whole brand package was what takes your business from level 1 to level 10, and I really appreciate the time and patience from Alex."

Founder of Good Publicity

Exclusive Brand Package


Stop feeling overwhelmed with your business. With our Exclusive Brand Package you get the visual tools you need to show up consistently and confidently knowing your business looks legit and worth investing in.

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