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This course was really amazing because it shows you have to organize your business and teaches you how to market it as well. Alex is highly organized in her business and delivering high-quality to her clients and this is the direction I wanted to follow.

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Branding designer

students words:


graphic designer

Six-Figure Creative Club was just what I needed to get better systems in place for my design business. I had no plan on how to get new clients. Since taking the course I have booked 3 new clients for next month and I believe it is because of the marketing plan Alex teaches! 

When you join us, you’re getting…


Tired of watching other designers get what you want? You’re getting the marketing plans, client experience tools, and sales funnels I used to triple my revenue so you’ll know exactly how to create the business you want


Email scripts and done-for-you templates take the stress out of pitching your services while sales call training, help with setting boundaries, and tons of training videos make sure you feel boldly confident 


No more worrying where your next client will come from or creating random social media content and hoping it magically works. You’ll have proven systems in place to keep leads, clients, and revenue pouring in

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You’ve got the skills. 

I’ve got the dream client + six-figure business blueprint.

I’ve got the step-by-step blueprint to creating products that sell so you can make money while you sleep.

Hey, I’m Alex – 

six-figure designer and unapologetic advocate for getting exactly what you want out of business and life

I didn’t build my brand + website design business just so I could be stuck behind a different screen in a different office. I wanted more. More money, more time to hang with my toddler, more freedom to travel and explore with my family, more slow mornings spent dreaming over a cup of coffee…

And I want you to have more, too.

Whatever you dream of – I’ve got the tools, systems, and plans to help you build and maintain a thriving, successful business that supports the lifestyle you want. It’s okay to dream big. In fact, you may want to dream even bigger once you see what’s possible with the Six-Figure Creative Club.

See you inside?

A Look at What We’re Learning

Take a peek inside the game-changing course for designers and service-based creative business owners

Set Up Your Business for Success

Module One

Create a unique to you strategy and business plan based on your goals and vision and create custom systems to automate the process and make sure your dream business runs smoothly

One thing you’ll love → Getting super clear on what your client actually wants and having a step-by-step plan for making it happen

✓ Define your vision
✓ Establish your signature offer
✓ Set up the backend of your business

Messaging That Converts

Module Two

No more posting to crickets or feeling unsure about what to say to your clients. You’ll know how to stand out and connect with your audience every time.

One thing you’ll love → Creating foundational messaging that you can use for years 

✓ Building a connection with your dream clients
✓ Crafting your unique value proposition
✓ Optimizing your website and emails

Marketing for More Dream Clients

Module Three

It’s time to bring in the clients you want to work with… and keep them coming so you always have a pool of dream clients just waiting to work with you.

You’re also getting customizable email templates (written by a professional copywriter – Emily Writes Well!) for a complete nurture sequence designed to turn new subscribers into engaged, paying clients. Email marketing just got a lot easier and more effective! 

One thing you’ll love → Learning my proven four-part marketing strategy for less stress and more high-paying clients

✓ Booking consistent clients
✓ Generating more high-quality leads
✓ Setting up your email marketing platform
✓ Nailing your sales calls

Standing Out on Social Media

Module Four

This isn’t about going viral. It’s about learning how to quickly, efficiently create content that converts your audience to raving fans. 

One thing you’ll love → The focus on building relationships and expanding your reach without feeling like a gross, salesy rando

✓ Connecting with your dream clients on social media
✓ Using your content to convert buyers
✓ Batch creating for consistency

Enhancing the Client Experience

Module Five

We’re automating and streamlining a luxurious client experience that saves you time and leaves your client feeling like a true VIP. An added bonus? Happy clients become great referral sources. 

One thing you’ll love → Feeling confident setting healthy boundaries with clients and avoiding all kinds of issues 

✓ Streamlining your client process
✓ Communicating expectations and boundaries
✓ Collecting amazing testimonials

Mindset Shifts for Success

Module Six

When you master your mindset, there’s truly nothing that can stop you. You’re getting practical strategies and tools to help you lean into your own power and put your values and skills to work. 

One thing you’ll love → Customizing everything you’ve learned to work for your unique style, personality, and business

✓ Discovering your authentic style
✓ Overcoming imposter syndrome

But wait there's more...


Snag an entire collection of the templates I use to run my business like a pro. You can easily edit them to reflect your branding without spending hours trying to create these essential resources from scratch.

Canva templates included are a pricing guide, social templates, branding guide, presentation template, welcome guide, and more!

100+ Canva Templates

a $450 value

Throughout the course I will offer two live group coaching sessions. These sessions are meant to show you behind-the-scenes of my own business and answer any questions you have as you work through the course. 

We will meet once in the middle of the course and once at the end to be sure you have all the resources and information you need to succeed! 

2 Group Coaching Sessions

a $800 value

I finally feel organized and have been able to book 2 new clients this month!

I learned so much from the trainings and got a lot of clarity on how to set up my business systems so I look more professional. I was also able to book two new clients after implementing what Alex taught me about marketing and social media! I call that a win. 

students words:


web designer

The six-figure creative course was exactly what I needed. 

The course was very complete and covering all strategic aspects to set up a strong creative business. I especially valued everything I learned to enhance the client experience. So grateful for what I learned and implemented. I highly recommend this course, totally worth your time and money!

students words:


graphic designer

The business you’ve been dreaming about? 

It’s one investment away.

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This course is for you if...

⚡️ Are a designer or creative service-provider who wants a business that brings in $100,000+

⚡️ Want someone to teach you what works and help you avoid major mistakes as you grow your business

⚡️ Are ready to charge higher prices and book out months in advance 

This is not the course for you if you…

✖️ Don’t have a service-based business (aka you don’t do “done for you” work for clients)

✖️ Already have a six-figure creative business you love

✖️ Aren’t into self-guided, value-packed course modules that combine major education and fun

Forever my friend. Once you’ve signed up the course is all yours and you will have lifetime access. 

How long will I have access to the course?

How long will it take to complete the course?

8 weeks. I recommend focusing on one module a week so you can watch the videos and then implement the strategies talked about.  We take a break after week 3 for our group coaching call and to give you time to catch up before we move on. 

If I am new at business, is this course for me?

Yes! You’ve come at just the right time actually. This course will give you the tools and strategies to build a profitable business from the ground up. I wish I had something like this when I got started. 

If I am not a designer will this course work for me?

You bet, this course was designed for creative service-providers. So if you are a photographer, florist, interior designer, copywriter there are a ton of strategies that will help you. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, there is a 14 day money back guarantee. We are confident in the content of the course but if you are not satisfied with the content of the course we will give you your money back. 

Will this course teach me to sell products?

No, this course is more directed toward service-based business. It teaches how to create a signature offer, sell that offer, and then create an amazing client experience so you get clients coming back and positively talking about your business. 

You bet! We usually do three installments but happy to come up with a custom payment plan to fit your needs. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

What platforms do you design on?

I have a logo, can you just design a website?

In order for me to design a website that makes the most impact for your business I need to start with the brand design so everything is cohesive and purposeful.


Website design takes about 10 weeks to complete depending on how complex and how many pages the website includes.

I design on either Showit, Squarespace, or Wix platforms. I am happy to provide designer referrals if you need a website on another platform such as Shopify or Wordpress. 

What about seo?

The website includes basic SEO integration. I will work with you to come up with some keywords to use throughout the website so your site comes up in more searches. 

Will I be able to edit the website?

Yes! The three platforms I design in allow for easy maintenance of your site. I am always happy to walk you through it to.

How long have you been doing this for?

Do you offer retainer services?

Do you offer any sort of mentorship programing?

Yes! The we provide coaching to other creative service-based businesses. Fill our our project inquiry form to inquire. We will send you more information about how that process works. 

I have been designing for over 13 years and have worked with countless types of businesses. This studio opened in 2016 and I have designed over 200 brands since then. 

Yes! You can sign on for 3 - 6 months of continued design support for your business. This is great if you have a new service or product you are rolling out and need a designer to handle all your brand visuals. 

You bet! Check out our digital design shop with budget-friendly designs. 

Do you offer premade designs?

I am always looking for talented creatives to connect with. Email me your information and I would be happy to see if we have an opening for you. 

Are you hiring?

What are your hours?

The studio is open M-TH. The studio hours are 9am-5pm CT.

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