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December Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper

You can find my December 2020 desktop and mobile wallpaper downloads here.

We made it to the last month of 2019. This is a great time to reflect on the year you had. Did you accomplish what you wanted? Where did you fall short? How can you make changes in 2020 to reach those goals?

Personally, I reached a lot of my goals. I got my digital design shop up and running, I reached my financial goal and grew my online presence. There are definitely some areas I need to work harder for 2020 like better time management skills and organization. I also am hoping to outsource more work so I am not being pulled so many directions.

I want to hear from you! Comment on my latest Instagram photo. What did you accomplish this year? Where can you improve in 2020?

And as always, your free monthly wallpaper. Happy holidays!



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- Define your ideal audience
- Figure out your brand personality
- Pick your most valuable brand elements
- Strategically pick your brand colors
- Learn about the different style of fonts
- Gain confidence in your business plan

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I'm Alex, your lead designer and creative director. I have been working in the creative business for the past 10 years, loving every minute of it. I fill my work with modern typography, lots of white space, and trendy color schemes. When I'm not hunched over my Mac you can find me at the dog park with my dog Oakley, or trying a new restaurant with friends.