How to Create a Color Palette for Your Brand

The colors used in your branding are woven throughout all presentations of your business. Your color palette sets the tone for the overall look and feel of your brand, reflects your brand’s message, and shapes how potential clients and customers view your business. The following tips will help you create a color palette for your brand that visually represents the essence of your business and attracts your target audience.

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Why Color is Important to Your Brand

Color plays a powerful and impactful role in marketing your brand. An effective palette will resonate with potential customers and their interests, so it is important to select colors that you know will appeal to your audience. The right colors will inspire them to engage with your brand and can ultimately lead to sales, while the wrong colors can cause prospects to overlook your business and can even create a negative impression. Given how influential colors are in the branding of your business, it’s essential that you choose your palette carefully and with purpose. 

Color Theory

Understanding that colors psychologically affect your audience is key to deciding what colors should be in your palette. Colors evoke emotional reactions and each color has attributes that contribute to different feelings. For example, red is known to convey power and attention, while blue suggests calm. Yellow is cheerful, purple conveys luxury, and so on. As you think of potential colors for your palette, consider what each color communicates. Make sure the colors appropriately reflect your brand, and that they align with what you want your target audience to feel about your business.

Defining Your Color Palette

Strategically selecting colors for your palette will help you to accurately present your business’ intentions and catch the eye of your ideal audience. Contemplate the message you want your brand to convey, as well as what photography you plan to use and the tone of those images.

Think about who your target customers are, where they shop, and what colors are associated with those brands. How will your color palette differ from competing brand colors and what will make it stand out?  An inspiration board can serve as a helpful tool to visually gather these thoughts and decide what colors align with your ideas.

Ready to design your color palette? Purchase The Color Guide, a detailed planner that will help you craft a color palette true to your brand. The guide includes a designer approved color library with 75 palettes to help you find the perfect color combination. 

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